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Something strange is happening in Alexandra Falls.

Something unbelievable.

All over town, people stand like statues. They’re stuck in a moment, frozen in mundane snapshots of life. Cars are sitting half-backed out of driveways. Nobody is going anywhere – everyone has stopped.

It’s as if God accidentally sat on the pause button.

Only seventeen-year-old Jack Murray is immune to this strange outbreak – the ‘big freeze’. But what’s going on? Is America under attack? And if so, who or what is capable of paralyzing an entire nation?

Jack sets out to solve the puzzle but there’s something else he’s got to deal with first – a chilling question that must be answered.

In a world where no one can move – what’s chasing him?

Black Earth

(The Exterminators Trilogy #3)

The secret enemy is revealed.

But who will stop them from destroying everything?

Can one girl be the savior of us all?

The hope of humankind lies in the hands of Rachel MacLeod, an eleven-year-old girl gifted with incredible mind powers.

Only Rachel can stand up to the Exterminators – a powerful race of otherworldly beings that has almost wiped the human population off the face of the Earth.

This will be the war to end all wars. Planet Earth is up for grabs.

Will humankind see another tomorrow?

Black Earth is the third and final chapter of the Exterminators Trilogy – a chilling and addictive post-apocalyptic horror series guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.


Black Fever

(The Exterminators Trilogy #2)

Humanity is on the verge of extinction…  

The last survivors cling to life in a world without sunlight.

And it’s not over yet.

The Black Storm has unleashed a terrifying new killing machine – one designed to wipe out the remaining human population as quickly as possible.

But the survivors in San Antonio, including Cody and Rachel MacLeod, are finally close to uncovering the chilling truth about the Black Storm. What is it? And why did it come?

Meanwhile a handsome stranger is searching for the girl who took on the Black Widow. It seems Rachel’s growing powers haven’t gone unnoticed. But what does the stranger want? Is he friend or foe?

Who can you trust when the world is turned upside down?

Black Fever is the second book in the Exterminators post-apocalyptic trilogy. Get it now if you love fast-paced end of the world scenarios that’ll keep you up all night turning the pages.


Black Storm

(The Exterminators Trilogy #1)

These are the last days… 

The Black Storm – a permanent state of darkness has engulfed the Earth.

The world is going mad without sunlight.

Ex-movie star, Cody MacLeod will do anything to protect his daughter Rachel from the Black Widow – a mysterious ghostly figure who has emerged from the Black Storm.

And he’s got a plan.

A plane is taking off at San Antonio Airport in a few hours. To get there, Cody and Rachel must risk everything. They must drive through the darkness together.

But the road is a dangerous place. Civilization is crumbling. Desperate people are lurking in wait with bad intentions.

A breathtaking race to the finish line awaits. Will Cody and Rachel get to the airport in time?

Or will they succumb to the Black Storm?

Black Storm is a post-apocalyptic survival thriller about a desperate father trying to save his daughter from the end of the world. Get it now if you like fast-paced apocalyptic, dystopian, horror and supernatural thrillers.

Kojiro vs. The Vampire People

(Future of London Series #5)

Christmas Eve, 2020

A lone swordsman is transporting a precious cargo through the urban wasteland of London – a city that’s been cut off from civilisation for the past nine years.

Zander Kojiro is taking this cargo back to his childhood home, all the while doing his best to keep it hidden from the hungry eyes of the city.

But when he arrives in his old neighbourhood, Kojiro discovers that the territory has been taken over by the Vampire People, a ghoulish, ambitious street gang with a fetish for blood, destruction and loud music.

The Vampire People don’t take kindly to strangers. Even worse, they know what Kojiro’s secret cargo is.

And they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Kojiro vs. The Vampire People is a John Carpenter-inspired dystopian/action-adventure/horror novella. It can be read either as a stand-alone story or as book 5 in The Future of London Series.

Sleeping Giants

(Future of London Series #4)

“Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.” – Paul Gauguin

Mack Walker is wandering across the London wastelands, looking for Hatchet – the man who destroyed his life. The man who destroyed everything.

It’s a search that leads Walker to ‘The Sleeping Giants’, a low-ranking street gang based in the Hole, formerly South London. The Sleeping Giants know where Hatchet is, but they’re only willing to tell Walker on one condition – he must prove his worth to them and join their ranks.

It all starts with a shocking ‘initiation task’.

But how far is Walker willing to go in his quest for revenge? And can the lone wolf, cast adrift for so long, ever rejoin the pack?

Sleeping Giants is the fourth book in The Future of London series – the perfect binge-reading experience for fans of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction.

The Future of London Box Set

(Books 1-3)

This box set contains the first three novels in The Future of London Series (L-2011, Mr Apocalypse, Ghosts of London).

The Future of London Series will appeal to fans of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, as well as fans of movies such as Escape from New York, The Warriors, and Mad Max.

WARNING: May contain traces of satire.


Ghosts of London

(Future of London Series #3)

The Big Chase is back.

The Ghosts of London – the most dangerous gang in the city – are going hunting for human flesh across the lawless, urban wasteland that has arisen from the ashes of the old metropolis.

If you’re out there – hide, hope and wait for the sun to rise. Pray that the Ghosts don’t find you.

Because there are worse things than being dead.

Ghosts of London is a dystopian and apocalyptic nightmare set in an isolated, alternate London where the rest of the world is watching on pay-per-view. It is the third book in the Future of London series.

The Complete FAB Trilogy

What If John Lennon Had Lived?

The Complete FAB Trilogy is an outrageous series of alternate history novels that imagine a world in which ex-Beatle John Lennon did not die in 1980.

These books feature a lively and unique blend of action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, pop culture references, time travel, political satire, revenge – and just a little bit of Beatles.

Now for the first time, get all three FAB books rolled into one.

FAB (FAB Trilogy #3)


The year is 2146

Time travel is possible. Artificial intelligence has all but replaced the human workforce and even immortality might be just around the corner.

This is the future that John Lennon has woken up to.

The former Beatle – having undergone experimental cryosleep in the late twentieth century – is now cast adrift in twenty-second century New York.

But not for long.

A killer has been sent back to the 1960s. Its mission? To kill the young Lennon, wipe The Beatles off the cultural map, and ensure a dark future awaits for all mankind.

To stop this happening, Lennon must travel back to the 1960s and revisit his fab past. But that’s only the beginning of his journey through time. An even bigger task awaits – if he can survive.

FAB: Revolver is part alternate history, part sci-fi, part Beatle fanfiction, part comedy. It is the third and final book in the FAB Trilogy.

Mr Apocalypse

(Future of London Series #2)

The Apocalypse Book


The year is 2020. London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation.

The people there abide by no rules. There is no police presence. No laws or consequences. There is only the ravaged city, hidden behind two superwalls since 2011.

And yet they are not alone.

Now one of the survivors is close to discovering the truth about his life in this nightmarish version of London. And why no one is in a hurry to let the Londoners back out.

Mr Apocalypse is a dark and gritty dystopian novel. It is the second book in the Future of London series.

FAB (FAB Trilogy #2)

The Fifth Angel


FAB The Fifth Angel


John Lennon. Whereabouts unknown.

The former Beatle and US Presidential candidate – who took the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1988 – has disappeared, seemingly off the face of the earth.

Frank Vogel is the FBI agent who let Lennon slip through his fingers back in ‘88. Now working as a small-time bounty hunter, Vogel has spent the last seven years following up countless Lennon sightings all over the world, but with little success.

One day, Vogel receives a tip from across the Atlantic. There’s a rumour going around that John Lennon – the world’s most wanted man – is writing songs again.

Vogel travels to the UK where he encounters The Angelicas. Known to their fans as ‘the Angels’ – the band’s meteoric rise to stardom is largely credited to an anonymous songwriting collaborator, known only as the ‘Fifth Angel’.

But who is the ‘Fifth Angel’? Can it really be John Lennon? And if Vogel manages to track the ex-Beatle down, will revenge lead to redemption?

FAB (FAB Trilogy #1)

'Fab' - December 8th 2015
December 8th 1980.

Murphy ‘Jagger’ Salmon – ageing hippy, part-time drunk and Rolling Stones fan, is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin’s bullet.

By way of thanks, Jagger is offered a job working for the former Beatle and the two men quickly become friends.

But as the 1980s move forward, things quickly get out of control. When Lennon suffers a couple of career setbacks, he tries to win back the adulation of his fans by moving into politics. But the 1980s version of John Lennon is a far cry from the radical left-winger of old. And much to Jagger’s horror, when Lennon quickly becomes an unstoppable force in American politics, the working-class hero is transformed into a right-wing poster boy.

There’s even talk of a Beatle in the White House.

‘FAB’ is a fast-paced, rip-roaring ride through the 1980s – a decade in which greed was good and shoulder pads made sense. It was an era of uncertainty – of Cold War and nuclear weapons. ‘FAB’ also pokes fun at our obsession with celebrity, whilst fondly recalling some of the unique fashions and pop culture moments that made the 1980s so unforgettable.

Want to read a free sample of FAB?  Just click here.


(Future of London Series #1)

The Revolution will be Televised, Retweeted and Liked.

August 2011.

The London riots – coordinated by technology and social media – have brought the city to its knees.

Historic buildings have been burned to the ground.  Shops are looted, businesses and homes destroyed at random.

The politicians try to resolve the crisis, but the Houses of Parliament are no longer a match for the influence of the Internet, where two alternative leaders have emerged in an online battle for the future soul of London.

Chester George – a masked man whose real identity is unknown, uses YouTube, punk rock and fierce intellect to spread the anarchy.

Sadie Hobbs – reality TV star and blogger.  Loathed and controversial, she urges ‘normal’ society to fight back against Chester George and the ‘feral rats’ destroying the city.

The fate of London hangs in the balance.  And when the day of reckoning comes, hundreds of thousands of people – including sixteen-year-old Mack Walker – will descend upon the city for the final showdown – and a day that London will never forget.

The Outsider Tales


Outsider Tales

Stories about the people who don’t fit…

The Outsider Tales is a collection of five short stories about society’s black sheep – that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in.


Snowballs From Mars – During her first day at work, a young library assistant witnesses a shocking incident.

The Architect – On New Year’s Eve, a failed actor receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger with a familiar voice.

Dark Lights – A body is laid to rest in the town of Seaview. But why are there no mourners?

Scratched Rolls Royce – A lonely woman rides the city bus at night, in search of cheap thrills with strangers.

The Rambler – Two soulmates cross paths after thirty years apart.

To read a free sample of The Outsider Tales, click here.




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