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I write Speculative Fiction.

I ask 'What if?'

Alternate Histories, Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Pop Culture - if you like these things you might like the kind of stories I write.

I'm also a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli) and a passionate advocate of indie publishing and writers taking control.

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(The Future of London Series)

London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation.

The people there abide by no rules.  There is no police presence.  No laws or consequences. There is only the ravaged city, hidden behind two superwalls since the carnage of 2011.

And yet they are not alone.

The survivors don’t know it, but their lives are being broadcast 24/7 to the outside world on a reality TV show called The Future of London. Their every move is scrutinised by millions of people on social media.

Mr Apocalypse lives in London.  Join him as he travels across the ruined city, searching for an old enemy from the time before.  Join him as he encounters the gangs and depraved inhabitants who are the kings of the new London.

It all begins with L-2011 (Now FREE when you hit the Buy button)

Imagine…What If John Lennon Had Lived?

‘FAB’ is a fast-paced, rip-roaring ride through the 1980s – a decade in which greed was good and shoulder pads made sense. It was an era of uncertainty – of Cold War and nuclear weapons. ‘FAB’ also pokes fun at our obsession with celebrity, whilst fondly recalling some of the unique fashions and pop culture moments that made the 1980s so unforgettable.’

‘FAB is a creative, well written novel that takes a political speculation and makes an immensely clever puzzle out of it…the suspense is carefully built up until the final, startling climax.’ – Indie Reader

The Outsider Tales

Stories about people who don’t fit…

The Outsider Tales is a collection of five short stories about society’s black sheep – that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in.


Snowballs From Mars – During her first day at work, a young library assistant witnesses a shocking incident.

The Architect – On New Year’s Eve, a failed actor receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger with a familiar voice.

Dark Lights – A body is laid to rest in the town of Seaview. But why are there no mourners?

Scratched Rolls Royce – A lonely woman rides the city bus at night, in search of cheap thrills with strangers.

The Rambler – Two soulmates cross paths after thirty years apart.

Outsider Tales Feb 16 v1

Praise for the FAB Trilogy:

“FAB is a must read. I loved how it tackled the issues of heroes and how attitudes can change so quickly. Clever, witty and unafraid.”

“A hilarious rollercoaster ride through the 1980s. Cleverly written and a joy to read.”

“For sheer amazing imagination, FAB is hard to beat.”

Praise for the Future of London series:

“So well written. I’ve glimpsed the future in these pages and I’m scared.”

“Smart, contemporary and well-thought story with a gripping plot, strong conflicts and characters.”

“A scary, thought-provoking work of alternate history that might one day happen in our world.”

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