Ooh my poor neglected blog.

I’ve done so little recently (work-wise), having just returned from a ten-day trip to Tasmania (which was incredible!) and today I found myself staring at the laptop screen, trying to remember how to do the things I’ve been doing so intensely for the past three years. Brainstorming, writing, planning, mapping, marketing, design stuff and so on…It feels like I have nothing to write – my current WIP is with the editor and I won’t get it back until Friday. By now I should have a decent map of the next and final book in that particular series.

I have nothing.

So I tried looking at some Amazon ads that I left running during my trip. A bit of low-demand marketing might make me feel like I’m doing something. Meh! My brain doesn’t want to know. This is life after a holiday. This is me after a holiday. I don’t want to work. I’ve been working like a madman over the past three years and today I’m desperate to be as lazy as I can possibly be. Really lazy – it sounds so tempting. The work, rest and play balance – that can get stuffed. I just wanna rest and hide and go back to Tasmania.

It’ll pass. I did manage to write this pathetic excuse of a blog, which I can’t be bothered to edit. And I wrote a pretty decent review of the pet-sitter, even if I do say so myself.

But I have to get the wheels turning again.

Maybe tomorrow…