Dystopiaville makes Black Mirror look like a utopian picnic.

Three books. Three shocking visions of tomorrow’s world.

‘Definitely stands out from the pack.’ – James Haydon

For the first time, all three Dystopiaville books can be bought together in one mega-value box set. Shut Up and Die!, WaxWorld, Killing Floor – three thrilling and terrifying tales of dystopian horror and science fiction guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

What readers are saying about Dystopiaville:

‘Think Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, but with books instead of TV.’ – CJ Sinnott

‘Another fabulously mind altering book by Mark Gillespie. He is officially in my top five author list.’ – Kirsten McKenzie, author of Painted.

‘Captured my attention and never let go…I loved everything about it.’ – The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

Out May 26th 2020