Hi everyone,

Today I’m proud to show off the new cover art for ‘L-2011’.

Why did I change the existing cover? To put it bluntly, the first cover was a mistake – my mistake. That’s nothing whatsoever against the person who designed it for me, who happens to be a very talented designer. That person was only following my instructions, which were vague and flawed. I guess I didn’t really know what I wanted back then and settled for something average.

One of the great things about indie publishing however, is that we can actively learn from our mistakes. And we can update our covers whenever we want (allowing we can afford it of course!)

Just before the publication of Ghosts of London (Future of London #3), I started working with South African artist Vincent Sammy. Vincent’s a talented artist who has a great list of credits to his name, designing artwork for a wide array of science fiction and horror magazine, as well as books – he even worked on a limited edition Stephen King cover recently. Nice addition to the CV that.

And he’s a top bloke!

The main thing is that Vincent creates original art. With recent books, I’ve had specific ideas for covers that could only be translated by an original artist rather than using someone who uses pre-existing web-sourced images. Is it more expensive to hire an original artist? Yes, but I believe it’s worth it. As we all know, the cover is the first point of contact for a potential reader – perhaps more than anything else, it’s the difference between a sale and a no thanks.

While the first L-2011 cover showed a generic London skyline, this features one of the more recognisable characters from the story, Chester George, standing in Piccadilly Circus, where a major scene unfolds near the end of the book. Punk rock plays a part in the story too (it’s the background music to Chester George’s YouTube broadcasts) and that’s something else we’ve used on the cover, specifically in the excerpts from Chester George’s speeches, shown in a punkish font.

You see what I mean? It’s the little things. You can do more with an original artist and by using one I believe it’ll make your cover that little bit more unique and special in the long term. Not to mention marketable too.

Just my thoughts of course.

So here it is, the new cover. I hope you like it.









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