I’ve had quite a few emails recently.

Apart from the King of Nigeria asking me if I want to go into business with him I’ve been getting quite a lot of requests about the Future of London series. These requests are along the lines of – will you be writing any more Future of London books? The last one wasn’t the actual last one was it? I get these enquiries. Makes perfect sense. I wrote the last FOL book (Kojiro vs. The Vampire People) in late 2017 and yes, the series is unresolved. Mack Walker has not yet caught up with Hatchet and Kojiro hasn’t caught up with Walker. So yep, it’s still on.

Since that last FOL book I’ve written a lot of other stuff so I’m not surprised to receive these occasional emails asking where the hell is book six and reminding me that the series isn’t wrapped up. There have been negative reviews too based on the fact that it’s an unfinished series. When people contact me I usually send a brief (and equally polite) reply stating that I’m working on the sixth book, but very slowly as I’ve got other things to do that take precedence. And I kind of leave it there.

So what’s going on? Okay, I released the first Future of London book (L-2011) in the first half of 2016. Mr Apocalypse followed later that year and in 2017 I released three more – Ghosts of London, Sleeping Giants and Kojiro vs. The Vampire People. And then it stopped. Why? The books weren’t selling that much. As a reader you may or may not care about that but nonetheless I persevered with the series a long time out of the sheer love of it but five books in, although they were well received by most, I had to start thinking about moving onto other things. After all, writing wasn’t a hobby for me, it was a job. Can’t keep doing the same thing if the same thing isn’t working.

I’ll say it again. I love the London books. It’s my favourite series (of the ones that I’ve done). It doesn’t sell zilch either – it sells okay and the box sets are doing a little better these days as I work on my marketing. I’ve been working on the sixth book for a while but thus far I’m forced to do it slowly whilst working on other things.

Covid and the 2020 nightmare hit my sales hard too. It was a punch in the guts and I’m only just starting to recover many months later. When I get a little more breathing room I’ll be able to continue the Future of London books and hopefully do so at a quicker pace.

I won’t abandon the series. No way. I love it. Unfortunately though, sometimes the books we authors love the most are the books that sell the least.

So that’s where we’re at it. It’s probably not what you want to hear dear reader but that’s how it is. The Future of London book 6 (as of yet untitled) will be ready when it’s ready. It is coming but please bear with me.

Thank you for all your support.