Here we go again. There’s a new Gillespie title on the way and I’m going mental. The build-up to a book release is insane. Just insane. There are so many things to do it’s surprising that more authors’ heads don’t spontaneously combust all over their laptops.

So what am I thinking about at the minute? Right now? Stuff, lots of stuff.

Is the cover finished? Uhh, nearly but I should have had that done yonks ago.

Blurb…yep, see below. Took me long enough though – couldn’t even finish this blog post in time ‘cos the blurb was late.

Any ad campaigns scheduled? AMS, Facebook? Soon my friend, soon…

Keywords sorted for distribution sites? Umm…no.

Newsletter ready to go after release? No, not started that yet.

Updated the backmatter in the previous books? I need the book link to go live for that one smart-arse.

Made smartlinks? Universal book links? Again, need the book links – but thanks for the reminder.

Have you even finished editing the book yet?


And that’s the thing. I’m still editing the book with a June 30th release date hanging over my head. It’s been edited professionally but it’s still got to go to a Beta Reader and then come back for the final touches. I won’t finish it until a few days before publication and by then I’ll be crazy.

All the things listed above are just the tip of the iceberg too. There are so many more things to be done.

So yeah I must admit, I struggle to meet my deadlines. But I do get there – I haven’t missed one yet. The problem is I go a little insane in those last few days before letting go of the book and as a result I never want to write another book again. It doesn’t help that I’m on a pretty aggressive release schedule (by my standards anyway) this year, which consists of four original releases, along with two box sets. Because of this, I don’t leave myself enough room for things like sending out ARC copies because there’s not enough bloody time.

For sure, there are flaws I have to fix in my self-pub game. But until then, soft launches – marshmallow launches. That’s pretty much my thing. Marshmallows….mmmmmmmmm.

Told you I was going mad.

But here I am anyway. We’re on the brink of the second original release of the year. This is Ghosts of London – the third book in the Future of London series.

And just for you, here’s the (World Premiere!!) of the blurb.

The Big Chase is back.

 The Ghosts of London – the most dangerous gang in the city – are going hunting for human flesh across the lawless, urban wasteland that has arisen from the ashes of the old metropolis.

If you’re out there – hide, hope and wait for the sun to rise. Pray that the Ghosts don’t find you.

Because there are worse things than being dead.

Ghosts of London is a dystopian and apocalyptic nightmare set in an isolated, alternate London where the rest of the world is watching on pay-per-view. It is the third book in the Future of London series.