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It’s Your Unique Voice (Or Why Everyone Has the Right to Write)

  Has the rise of self-publishing tainted the ‘purity’ of books? Yes, that does sound pretentious.  Tell me about it.  I was going to write ‘fuck off’ under that first sentence because that’s what I really feel like saying to those who subscribe to this idea.  Believe […]

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How To Use Pop Culture In Your Alternate Histories

  What if the Axis Powers had won the Second World War?  What if the Confederates had won the American Civil War?  What if Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo?  Or what if the Roman Empire was still intact? The majority of alternate histories focus on […]

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Write Fast, Write Lots: Why Quantity Leads To Quality

  The best piece of marketing advice for authors (in my humble opinion) is to write another book.  The second best piece of marketing advice is to write another book.  Yep, so keep writing, you get where it’s going.  It’s that simple and that hard.  You have […]

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The London Riots: The Making of L-2011

  If you’re a fan of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, then you’ll know there’s no shortage of possibilities as to how civilisation might one day pull the trigger on itself. Nuclear disaster, plague, war, freak weather, something big from outer space crashing into Earth – and if […]

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L-2011: The Blurb

The Revolution Will Be Televised, Retweeted And Liked. August 2011. The London riots – coordinated by technology and social media – have brought the city to its knees. Historic buildings have been burned to the ground. Shops are looted, businesses and homes destroyed at random. The politicians […]

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Jesus Was A Punk/A Lament For Original Thinkers/And Other Non-SEO Friendly Titles

  When punk rock exploded onto the music scene in the mid-seventies, anybody could smash out three chords and call themselves a band. How cool is that? The Ramones and The Sex Pistols turned the musical establishment upside down, flushing its fat, bloated, overindulgent head down the […]

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Why Indie Authors Should Celebrate Short Fiction

  For emerging indie writers, it’s important to produce work on a consistent basis.  If you want to build a following and generate some kind of income from your writing, you need to be consistent and above all else they’ll tell you – write more books.  That’s […]

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The Crossroads: Indie or Trad Publishing?

  Emerging writers.  Perhaps you’re on the brink of showing your work to the world.  If so, you might have been asking yourself the following questions recently: How do I want to be published?  Do I want to pursue the traditional route?  Do I want to submit […]

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The Outsider Tales – Cover Reveal

Very happy to reveal the latest cover art.  This is for a batch of five stories – ‘The Outsider Tales’ – about society’s black sheep – that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in. Out February in the usual places, but FREE […]

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Congratulations. You’ve Written a Book. What Next?

Congratulations.  You’ve written a book.  You actually did it like you always said you would.  You spent all that time (months, maybe years) crafting your baby from nothing into something beautiful.  It began with an initial idea – that spark of eureka – and the journey went […]

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