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How To Convert More Website Visitors Using Remarketing

  As we all know by now, being an indie author is about more than just writing books.  It’s about selling them too.  And something else we’re finding out is that marketing is way more than just popping up on social media now and then and screaming […]

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13 Must Know Tips For A Successful Business Page

  Further to the ‘Ten Facebook Advertising Tips For Writers‘ post that I put up a couple of months back, here’s a handy wee graphic from the folks at both Gherchic and Quill. These days, as well as being an outstanding place to post cat photos, Facebook […]

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Ten Facebook Advertising Tips for Writers

  A recent Alliance of Independent Authors article took a look at paid marketing options for writers.  Marketing is important because as indies, we have to make our books visible in order to be seen and (hopefully) bought.  Not surprisingly, and given how fast things move in […]

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