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The Curse (Chapter One Sample)

  Chapter 1 The endless barrage of rain crashed down to Earth. It poured out of a dark sky smothered in thick, bloated clouds that hung low over the once-thriving metropolis. The man who rode on horseback down 42nd Street didn’t seem to mind the rain. Not […]

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Mr Apocalypse (Chapter Sample)

  The walk to the New River always filled him with dread. He made his way along Stanmore Road, his hands gripped tightly around the steel handles of the wheelbarrow. It was a miracle the old thing was still in one piece. The blue paint on the […]

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‘Here We Go Again’ (‘FAB: The Fifth Angel’) – Sample Chapter

  December 7th (1995) When Vogel woke up in his apartment later that morning, he was fully dressed and lying face down on the couch. The telephone was ringing. Considering how far his hangover had progressed since he’d passed out in the early hours of the morning, […]

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L-2011 (Sample) – Chester George vs Parliament

  Below is a sample chapter from L-2011 (Future of London Series #1)   Transcript of a video uploaded to (posted on 11th August 2011) Chester George is wearing the same black skull hoodie as before, zipped up over his face, with the luminous skull design […]

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‘FAB’ Excerpt – ‘What If John Lennon Had Lived?’

  Take your mind back.  It’s the 1980s.  Correction, it’s an alternate 1980s.  And in this alternate 1980s, former Beatle John Lennon (aka ‘the Walrus’) is still alive. So what happens? Still giving peace a chance John? Or perhaps he’s gone the other way entirely?   After all, […]

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