13 Must Know Tips For A Successful Business Page

  Further to the ‘Ten Facebook Advertising Tips For Writers‘ post that I put up a couple of months back, here’s a handy wee graphic from the folks at both Gherchic and Quill. These days, as well as being an outstanding place to post cat photos, Facebook […]

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Why Indie Authors Should Celebrate Short Fiction

  For emerging indie writers, it’s important to produce work on a consistent basis.  If you want to build a following and generate some kind of income from your writing, you need to be consistent and above all else they’ll tell you – write more books.  That’s […]

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The Crossroads: Indie or Trad Publishing?

  Emerging writers.  Perhaps you’re on the brink of showing your work to the world.  If so, you might have been asking yourself the following questions recently: How do I want to be published?  Do I want to pursue the traditional route?  Do I want to submit […]

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‘FAB’ Excerpt – ‘What If John Lennon Had Lived?’

  Take your mind back.  It’s the 1980s.  Correction, it’s an alternate 1980s.  And in this alternate 1980s, former Beatle John Lennon (aka ‘the Walrus’) is still alive. So what happens? Still giving peace a chance John? Or perhaps he’s gone the other way entirely?   After all, […]

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The Outsider Tales – Cover Reveal

Very happy to reveal the latest cover art.  This is for a batch of five stories – ‘The Outsider Tales’ – about society’s black sheep – that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in. Out February in the usual places, but FREE […]

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Ten Facebook Advertising Tips for Writers

  A recent Alliance of Independent Authors article took a look at paid marketing options for writers.  Marketing is important because as indies, we have to make our books visible in order to be seen and (hopefully) bought.  Not surprisingly, and given how fast things move in […]

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BGS Interview

Here’s a link to a short interview with Books Go Social. Click here to read. Mark X

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Congratulations. You’ve Written a Book. What Next?

Congratulations.  You’ve written a book.  You actually did it like you always said you would.  You spent all that time (months, maybe years) crafting your baby from nothing into something beautiful.  It began with an initial idea – that spark of eureka – and the journey went […]

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Combining Beatle fandom and a love of Alternate History

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my brand new website. I’ve been meaning to get an author site up and running for some time now, but social media has been my platform of choice for so long that I didn’t think a website was […]

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