Writers.  Do you have it?  That one location where creative ideas breed like rabbits? Otherwise known as Ideasville. And just for the record – Ideasville is not the desk.  The desk is a dark, cold and terrible place where in the normal course of things, mental […]

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He Used To Be The Bearded Baby

  (11,000 words approx) Jack Hope Junior was born with a gargantuous red beard.  It was already perfect (as beards go) at the moment of birth.  On both sides of his face, the hair was sumptuous and layered, and at the base of the chin it hung […]

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The 5 Best Non-Fiction Books I Ever Read

  Here we go again. I recently put together a list of fiction titles – The 5 Best Fiction books I Ever Read.  Apart from being fun to write, I thought that list would be a good way to introduce some excellent books to people who perhaps […]

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A Few Thoughts on The Beatles: Eight Days A Week

  I’m a big Beatles fan.  I’ve probably been a fan for about twenty-five years of my life.  That’s a lot of reading Beatle books, learning the songs, watching countless documentaries and more recently, finding rare interviews and other little titbits on YouTube.  So as I was […]

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The 5 best Fiction Books I Ever Read

  I’m not saying the five best fiction books ever.  All that ‘the best’ stuff is subjective anyway.  I’m not saying these are the greatest pieces of literature either – whatever that’s supposed to mean.  These are just my personal favourites and so to me, they’re all […]

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‘Here We Go Again’ (‘FAB: The Fifth Angel’) – Sample Chapter

  December 7th (1995) When Vogel woke up in his apartment later that morning, he was fully dressed and lying face down on the couch. The telephone was ringing. Considering how far his hangover had progressed since he’d passed out in the early hours of the morning, […]

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FAB: The Fifth Angel (The Blurb)

  1995. John Lennon. Whereabouts unknown. The former Beatle and US Presidential candidate – who took the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1988 – has disappeared, seemingly off the face of the earth. Frank Vogel is the FBI agent who let Lennon slip through […]

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It’s Your Unique Voice (Or Why Everyone Has the Right to Write)

  Has the rise of self-publishing tainted the ‘purity’ of books? Yes, that does sound pretentious.  Tell me about it.  I was going to write ‘fuck off’ under that first sentence because that’s what I really feel like saying to those who subscribe to this idea.  Believe […]

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How To Use Pop Culture In Your Alternate Histories

  What if the Axis Powers had won the Second World War?  What if the Confederates had won the American Civil War?  What if Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo?  Or what if the Roman Empire was still intact? The majority of alternate histories focus on […]

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Icarus Played a Fender Stratocaster

  Icarus Played a Fender Stratocaster   I walked into my uncle’s room.  This was two years before he died of a heroin overdose. Usually his door was locked but that day it had been left ajar. Inside, he was lying face up on the bed.  The […]

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