November 2019 Update

Hi everyone, Just wanted to post something on this poor neglected blog of mine. Poor, poor thing. Honestly, I came into this website with good intentions. I would blog regularly! Become a blog wizard, buy a big pointy hat, take over the world and… Nah. It didn’t […]

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Killer First Line…?

It’s the piece of writing advice that annoys me the most. Write a killer first line. You might see it on how-to-write-a-novel lists and on these random top ten snippets of writing advice, and on blogs and blah-blah-blah. These are the things you must do or your […]

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June 2019 Update

Over the past year or so I’ve received a growing number of emails about The Future of London series. The question is always the same: will there be a sixth book? Yes it’s been a while since the last one. If memory serves me right, book 5 […]

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The Sinners (Chapter 1)

1 “Shut up,” Eda whispered. “Just shut up, will you?” David’s voice came back at her – a faint vapor of familiarity drifting across the darkness. Somewhere in the close confinement of the tunnel, his whisper turned into a shout. “What did you say?” he said. “Eda?” […]

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The Sinners

It feels like a long time since I released The Curse. Hasn’t been that long, think it was around December 19th off the top of my head. Since then I’ve been working on the sequel and I’m delighted to say that The Sinners (After the End #2) […]

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Turning the Wheels (February 2019 Blog)

  Ooh my poor neglected blog. I’ve done so little recently (work-wise), having just returned from a ten-day trip to Tasmania (which was incredible!) and today I found myself staring at the laptop screen, trying to remember how to do the things I’ve been doing so intensely […]

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The Curse (Chapter One Sample)

  Chapter 1 The endless barrage of rain crashed down to Earth. It poured out of a dark sky smothered in thick, bloated clouds that hung low over the once-thriving metropolis. The man who rode on horseback down 42nd Street didn’t seem to mind the rain. Not […]

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November News!

  Hi everyone, Hope you’re all well. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Gillespie Castle. At the end of last month I released the second story in the GrimLog (Tales of Terror) series – Air Nosferatu. And just recently in November, I put out […]

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October Update!

  Hi everyone, Hope you’re keeping well wherever you are in the world. Here’s a very brief update to let anyone who’s interested know what’s coming up book-wise over the next few months: On October 31st (otherwise known as Halloween), I’ll release the second short story in […]

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GrimLog 2 – Air Nosferatu (October 31st)

  The next story in the GrimLog (Tales of Terror) series of short horror fiction will be released on 31st October. You don’t want to miss out on Air Nosferatu – think vampires on a plane and a whole lot more. Mark the date…

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