November News!

  Hi everyone, Hope you’re all well. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Gillespie Castle. At the end of last month I released the second story in the GrimLog (Tales of Terror) series – Air Nosferatu. And just recently in November, I put out […]

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October Update!

  Hi everyone, Hope you’re keeping well wherever you are in the world. Here’s a very brief update to let anyone who’s interested know what’s coming up book-wise over the next few months: On October 31st (otherwise known as Halloween), I’ll release the second short story in […]

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GrimLog 2 – Air Nosferatu (October 31st)

  The next story in the GrimLog (Tales of Terror) series of short horror fiction will be released on 31st October. You don’t want to miss out on Air Nosferatu – think vampires on a plane and a whole lot more. Mark the date…

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Apex Predators (Preview!)

  Apex Predators   “What the hell’s wrong with that TV?” Bill Bridges growled at the television screen that was flickering on and off like a strobe light in the living room. Damn thing wouldn’t stop. It was getting painful to look at but Bill had to […]

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The Music of Writing: The Space in Between the Notes

  What can music teach you about writing? Translating the lessons learned from one craft and applying them to another. Is this possible? Of course it is. Before I wrote books, I was a musician. I’d been playing guitar since the age of fifteen and switched to […]

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Black Storm (Chapter 1 – With Author Notes)

    BLACK STORM Chapter 1 (With Author Notes)   “We gotta run okay? We need to get out of here.” (Yikes! This is me trying to go for a killer first line. They always say that – write a KILLER first line. So important, so they […]

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Book Cover Advice for Indie Authors (By an Artist!)

  Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sorry, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Everybody judges a book by its cover and even more so in the realm of indie authors. Why? Because we’re shallow? No, it’s because a professional cover hints at […]

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Black Storm (Blurb World Premiere!)

  To protect his child, he’s going to have to outrun the apocalypse. These are the last days. The Black Storm – a permanent state of darkness has engulfed the Earth, plunging the world into eternal night and robbing humanity of both sunlight and hope. Out of […]

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Black Storm – Coming in 2018

  About three and a half weeks ago I had a writing plan for 2018. It was almost set in stone. I knew exactly what I was going to write and when I was going to write it. Now, after a visit home to Scotland over the […]

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Five of the Greatest Siege Movies Ever Made

  Who doesn’t love a good siege story? They feature an overwhelming underdog (whether that’s a group of people or a single person) trying to survive against insurmountable odds. We can identify with this – we’ve all been the underdog at some point in our lives and […]

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